CNRL Kirby North

CNRL Kirby North

A Canadian Natural SAGD facility, the Kirby North project was originally initiated in spring 2014 but was put on hold as oil prices declined. In 2017, the project, which includes 60 producer and injector well pairs, resumed.

Our involvement on the project included assuming the work from another contractor to complete insulating and glycol tracing for 23 modules. Overall, we completed 7,700 LM of tracing and 5,700 LM of insulation amid project delays and mod yard relocations, compressing the shipment timeline for the modules. At peak man hours, we had 47 craft onsite, working a total of 18,000 hours over 95 days.

  • 47 Craft
  • 95 Days​
  • 18, 000 Hours​

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