Pembina Duvernay

Pembina Duvernay

Pembina Duvernay II Project was a joint venture project with Chevron Canada to develop and construct a facility which would include:

  • raw product separation and water removal infrastructure;
  • a condensate stabilization facility with approximately 30,000 barrels per day ("bpd") of raw inlet condensate handling capacity;
  • a 100 million cubic feet per day gas processing facility with approximately 5,000 bpd of propane-plus liquids capacity ("Duvernay II" a replica of Pembina's Duvernay I facility); and
  • a 10-inch condensate pipeline lateral that will connect to the Company's Peace Pipeline system.

Our involvement in the project included all of the site based insulation and cladding, including (3) condensate tanks, (1) produced water tank, over 17,000 linear meters of piping and installation of over 7,400 soft covers.  

  • 38 craft on site at peak
  • 9 Months
  • 31,570 hours

Project Update:

19 months of total construction over 2 phases

Peaked at 38 craft during phase 1

22,000 LM of insulation and 11,000 blankets (plus the tanks already on website)

42,240 hours


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