Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal

Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal

AltaGas’ Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal is Canada’s first propane export facility.   RIPET is capable of storing 1.2 million tonnes of propane per year. The terminal offloads rail cars of liquid propane and cools it so that it can be stored and shipped at atmospheric pressure. Chilled propane is then loaded onto very large gas carrier ships and delivered to global markets through approximately 20 to 30 marine transport shipments per year.

Our involvement in the project included insulation of the Liquid Propane Tank, including the installation of resilient blanket, pouring perlite into the annular space and installing the suspended deck blanket.  We also completed cryogenic piping insulation on the tank downcomers, the main piperack and the jetty piping.

  •  35 craft on site
  • 114 days
  • 28,000 hours

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